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Low Carb Easter

Protein Pizzas, Low-carb & Gluten-free

Suitable for keto, athletes, diabetes and celiac disease

The only Low-Carb Ciabatta with Crystal Texture

Ideal for sandwich or toast

Your healthy, low-carb pastry

Fresh or dry shipments
according to product type

Deliveries to Spain,
Andorra, France and Portugal

Free shipping
from €45 (Peninsula)

You are with us?

We make the impossible possible

All our preparations are LOW IN CARBOHYDRATES , ideal for people who seek to control their blood glucose levels to improve their health and prevent metabolic, cardiovascular and chronic diseases. They are totally suitable for diabetics, athletes, children and people who want to lose weight or follow a low-carb or ketogenic lifestyle. We have many options suitable for celiacs.

We make healthy delicacies WITHOUT ADDED SUGARS . We work so that our sweets have the flavors of the foods used (lemon, cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon...) and we complement these flavors with a touch of sweetness from natural sweeteners and prebiotics (fiber). We change cereals for nuts and seeds, which provides satiety thanks to their high protein and healthy fat content.


Impossible Bakers is for you if...

You want to eat delicious and sugar-free

You follow a ketogenic or low-carb diet

You are an athlete and want to eat less carbohydrates

You don't want to gain weight and you want to enjoy food

You want to control your glucose levels

You suffer from insulin resistance or diabetes


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