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Controla tu glucosa, protege tu corazón

Control your glucose, protect your heart

Blood glucose control is essential for your heart. Cardiovascular health is a crucial aspect of our overall well-being. Heart disease represents one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide, an...

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¿Qué es el ayuno intermitente?

Intermittent fasting: what it is, what it is based on and what are its benefits

Fasting, that is, not eating food, is something we do daily. This natural fast refers to the period of time that goes from dinner to breakfast the next day, a few hours during which we do not eat a...

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Qué son los carbohidratos o hidratos de carbono

Carbohydrates, two sides of the same molecule

Carbohydrates are part of the so-called macronutrients , a heterogeneous group that they make up along with fats and proteins. These three types of macronutrients are processed by our digestive sys...

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Mujer con dolor de cabeza

Ketosis and migraine

Migraine is a complex neurological disease that affects 15% of the world's population. Migraine is a type of headache or chronic episodic and recurrent headache of great intensity that prevents t...

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Los aminoácidos esenciales de los alimentos

Essential amino acids: what they are, what they are and why we need them

You may have heard that the nutrients that make up the foods we eat are divided into micronutrients and macronutrients . The first are vitamins and minerals, while the second are carbohydrates, fa...

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sistema inmune y alergias

How to take care of our immune system?

The arrival of spring means joy, sun and good weather... but for many people this season means facing the dreaded allergies and spring asthenia for another year .  We notice allergies through sy...

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Un Sant Jordi la mar de saludable

A very healthy Sant Jordi

On the 23rd of this month we celebrate Sant Jordi , book day. And the best way to celebrate is by sharing our favorite books on health and wellness with you. You no longer need to wait for a princ...

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salud hormonal femenina

How do I know if I have hormonal health?

In our Instagram live, we interview the physiotherapist, expert in clinical PNI and master in nutrition and health Irene Fernández Centellas , with whom we talk about the importance of knowing the ...

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Nutrición para mejorar tu rendimiento - Parte II

Nutrition to improve your performance - Part II

As we saw in the first part of this article, to answer the question “What to eat around training to improve your performance?” We have to first attend to the context, which in a clear and summarize...

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