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That makes us different?

There is a lot of talk about healthy food, but not everything that is labeled healthy is good for your health. We have already talked about the amount of “gut destroyer” additives or sweeteners that are found in many ultra-processed foods or the inflammatory proteins of plant origin that are recently used in protein products. We are going to finish the book with the hobby that I liked the most when I was little: the seven differences that make us the best alternative for your health and that of yours.

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Proteins They use gluten, soy and legumes, all of which are inflammatory and poorly absorbed. We mainly use highly absorbed proteins such as whey protein, egg white and casein.
Fats Vegetable and hydrogenated fats such as sunflower, palm and rapeseed oil, which are oxidative for the body Healthy, high-quality fats such as EVOO, butter and nuts
Carbohydrates The "no added sugar" products on the market are usually sweetened with bad polyalcohols or with high-fructose alternatives (dates, bananas...) We use sweeteners that have the minimum digestive impact and on glucose levels. Our best options are stevia, erythritol and inulin
Additives Many products are ultra-processed with preservatives, colorings and flavor enhancers. We use 100% natural ingredients and minimize the use of any type of additives
Innovation Little range of new products New products every month and improved recipes based on people's feedback
Service Only dry product, there is usually no possibility of ordering fresh product Delivery of fresh product (refrigerator temperature) in 1-2 business days and increasing availability of products in nearby stores
Human team Macro-companies with impersonal treatment Close team that experiences first-hand the need for low-carb products


As our community grows every day, we are expanding the range of low-carb products with certain ingredients that are not strictly keto, such as buckwheat or oats, because many people who follow a less strict low-carb diet or take care of themselves without following No specific protocol has asked us to develop alternatives for them. Likewise, we have expanded our assortment with some references that include gluten, since people who do not have sensitivity to gluten want to enjoy the texture that this ingredient provides while maintaining a diet without added sugars and low in carbohydrates.

At Impossible Bakers we don't want to impose anything and we believe that each person should follow the diet that best suits them (what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa), but we know that a dietary protocol based on a low diet Carbohydrates benefit many of us, even if only at certain times in life, and that is why we give you the tools to build your health path; The rest is up to you.

Ari Grau @keto_aove
KETO DIET - Reset your metabolism, free yourself from sugar and gain health forever. Barcelona. 2023.