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Disfrutar de una alimentación deliciosa y saludable

¿Qué es el ayuno intermitente?

Intermittent fasting: what it is, what it is based on and what are its benefits

Fasting, that is, not eating food, is something we do daily. This natural fast refers to the period of time that goes from dinner to breakfast the next day, a few hours during which we do not eat a...

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Qué son los carbohidratos o hidratos de carbono

Carbohydrates, two sides of the same molecule

Carbohydrates are part of the so-called macronutrients , a heterogeneous group that they make up along with fats and proteins. These three types of macronutrients are processed by our digestive sys...

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Mujer con dolor de cabeza

Ketosis and migraine

Migraine is a complex neurological disease that affects 15% of the world's population. Migraine is a type of headache or chronic episodic and recurrent headache of great intensity that prevents t...

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Los aminoácidos esenciales de los alimentos

Essential amino acids: what they are, what they are and why we need them

You may have heard that the nutrients that make up the foods we eat are divided into micronutrients and macronutrients . The first are vitamins and minerals, while the second are carbohydrates, fa...

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Transición hacia una vida Low-Carb

Transition to a Low-Carb Life

Many people face the new year with the resolution of having a healthier diet, and more and more people are discovering the benefits of a sugar-free diet, low in carbohydrates, and rich in proteins ...

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Como entrar en cetosis de nuevo de manera rapida

How to get back into Ketosis?

If this Christmas season you have done something excessive, and you think you have gone out of ketosis... don't worry! In this article we tell you how to enter the metabolic state of ketosis again...

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Sugar-Free & Low-carb: salud de verdad

Sugar-Free & Low-carb: real health

We take advantage of the fact that it is April 7, International Health Day, to tell you why it is so important to lead a healthy lifestyle. According to the Dahlgren and Whitehead model, which det...

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Efectos de la gripe Keto: ¿Cuáles son y cómo suavizarlos?

Keto Flu Effects: What Are They and How to Soften Them?

When we start the ketogenic diet we can experience a series of symptoms similar to flu symptoms, called keto flu or ketoflu. These symptoms may include fatigue, a feeling of weakness, headaches, ir...

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¿Cómo saber si estoy en cetosis?

How do I know if I am in ketosis?

In the keto diet, various changes occur at the metabolic level . Every time we make a change related to our body, our body emits signals in response to that readjustment. Something similar happens...

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