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Article: How do I know if I am in ketosis?


Nutricionista y Psiconeroinmunologica especializada en dieta cetogenetica


In the keto diet, various changes occur at the metabolic level . Every time we make a change related to our body, our body emits signals in response to that readjustment. Something similar happens when we return to playing sports after some time of inactivity. We may be more tired than normal and detect some stiffness, but everything is positive!

If we pay attention to these signals we could know, without needing to measure blood, whether or not we are in ketosis. Let's see what these indicators are.

Symptoms that the body is in ketosis

Flu symptoms

Have you heard of the keto flu? These are mild flu symptoms that appear, above all, in those people who are starting a keto diet for the first time. If when you start the diet you feel bad, with a headache or even nausea, don't worry, the symptoms will go away thanks to the electrolytes (minerals).

Feeling thirsty

When we enter ketosis our sensation of thirst may increase. It is normal, since this sensation is associated with the loss of body water. So it is best to drink at least one and a half liters of water a day. It is essential to be well hydrated, so take advantage of this symptom to drink more water or, if you prefer, more infusions.


One of the most appreciated symptoms of the keto diet and one of the main reasons why many people decide to join this diet is weight loss. The reason is that we are using the fat accumulated in our body as fuel.

These three symptoms would be the most common signs that indicate that we have entered ketosis . Although each metabolism is different and each diet affects us differently. So you should be attentive to these signs and, if you have any questions, consult your nutritionist or regular doctor.

Ketone meters

If you want to know for sure whether or not you are in ketosis, the only truly reliable method is measuring ketones in the blood . For this, there are devices similar to those for measuring glucose that also measure ketones in the blood.

The Keto Mojo is a device that measures both and allows us to check how our body is really reacting to the diet and some foods. If you have one of these meters, the minimum number to enter ketosis is 0.5 mmol/L ketones in the blood and the ideal is between 1.5 and 3 mmol/L (ketones) in the blood.

It is also important to measure the GKI (glucose-ketone index) which is the formula that measures the ratio of glucose and ketones in the blood. This way we can check that our glucose levels are normal and do not affect our ketosis. Also giving us more information about our metabolic state.

[Blood glucose (mg/dl) ÷ 18] ÷ [Blood ketones (mmol/L) = GKI

Don't be scared, because you don't have to be a good mathematician to calculate it. Devices like the Keto Mojo perform this conversion automatically. A moderate GKI level would be 3 to 6 to know you are in ketosis , or less than 3 for high ketosis .

There are also other less invasive methods, such as urine test strips or air meters. Unfortunately, these procedures are less reliable since they measure ketones that are eliminated through urine or breath and not the actual ones that our body uses.

For example, these tests are likely to indicate a negative result in a keto-adapted person (their body enters ketosis easily), since their body is using all the ketones it produces and not eliminating them.

Whatever method you use to measure, the important thing is that you enjoy the food while calmly carrying out the process of adaptation to this new diet. Just as you don't need to obsess over measuring every calorie, you don't need to obsess over constantly measuring ketones.

Impossible Bakers, your keto bakery

If you want to enjoy your ketogenic diet by eating the products you like the most, at Impossible Bakers we bake these and other recipes every day so that you can maintain a tasty and healthy diet without constantly worrying about counting calories or ketones.

Low carb breads

In our low-carb, high-protein bread section you will find both gluten-free and gluten-free loaves. Products with which you can have breakfast or snack if you want to enter ketosis or follow diets with low carbohydrate intake or a lot of protein.

Protein savory

To snack between meals without worrying about ketosis, we make protein snacks with low carbohydrate content. With these snacks, you won't have to skip your diet at any time of the day.

Sweets without added sugar

Finally, you will also find recipes for sweets without added sugar , sweetened with zero glycemic index sweeteners, such as stevia anderythritol .

Don't know where to start? So, take a look at our selection of keto products and let the bug decide for you.

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