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Article: How to get back into Ketosis?


If this Christmas season you have done something excessive, and you think you have gone out of ketosis... don't worry! In this article we tell you how to enter the metabolic state of ketosis again . What's more, we will give you the tricks to enter ketosis as quickly as possible .

First of all, we must differentiate between whether your body is keto-adapted or not, since the time it takes to return to ketosis will vary depending on your previous experience with this lifestyle.

How do I know if my body is keto-adapted?

Ketoadaptation is achieved after several months of accustoming your body to nutritional ketosis. If in the recent past you have followed a keto diet for more than 10 weeks , and you have done so based on foods and not products (what we would call Keto Clean , or Keto Clean), then it is very likely that your body is keto-adapted.

If you have followed this lifestyle , but have done it for a shorter time , or based on "processed keto" products or what is commonly called Dirty Keto , then it is likely that your ability to enter ketosis again will not be as fast as in the previous case. But nothing happens! We tell you how to return to Keto in both cases.

Return to Keto if I AM KETOADAPTED

The most important thing will be to ensure that blood glycogen reserves are depleted as quickly as possible. To do this, it is usually recommended:

  • Fast for at least 16 hours, or even 24 hours (OMAD): after 12 hours of fasting, the body can begin the autophagy process.
  • Do sports on an empty stomach: if you still have high glucose levels (either due to high carbohydrate intake or stress), exercise will help lower those glucose reserves and facilitate entry into ketosis.

Return to Keto if I AM NOT KETOADAPTED

In this case the process may take several days, but it is not difficult, you just have to take into account the following points:

  • Reduce the number of meals you eat per day: if you were eating 5, try to eat 3. If you were eating 3, try to focus your daily calories on 2 main meals.
  • Separate meals with a minimum of 4 hours between meals, that is, avoid eating snacks or snacking between meals.
  • Focus on eating foods allowed in the keto diet , and avoiding processed products. The cleaner what you eat, the easier the process of entering ketosis will be.
  • Drink plenty of water and electrolytes, since the body can demineralize when changing from glucose to ketones (this way we will avoid the well-known Keto Flu or Keto Flu).
  • Do sports on an empty stomach, or if you are not a very athletic person, start walking every day in the morning.
  • Reduce stress and try to sleep a minimum of 7 hours, so that the body can recover at the cellular level.

How many days does it take to get back into ketosis?

Ketoadapted people can return to ketosis in about 24 hours, people who are not ketoadapted can take several days, even a week.

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