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Article: Menu for the return to routine

Marina Ribas

Dietista integrativa, maestra y divulgadora. Especialista en patologías o trastornos autoinmunes, hormonales y digestivos. @marina.ribas.torres


The new year arrives and with it the lists of resolutions.

What if you join the gym, write a diary, meditate 10 minutes a day, go on a diet...

The truth is that we can't help you with all that, but we can make it a little easier for you to eat well. First of all, with our products , which are ideal whether you follow a low-carbohydrate diet or if you do not follow any dietary trend because they save you a lot of time wasted in the kitchen and also from store to store looking for quality foods with good ingredients. You know, protein breads , non-industrial and refined-free sweets , basics like sugar-free chocolate cream...

And secondly, with this familiar and simple menu suitable for the whole family. It is moderate in carbohydrates and includes some of our favorite products to enjoy eating healthy and delicious any day. Who said you have to wait until it's Sunday to eat a piece of cake? Come on, grab paper and pencil and we'll present our menu for your return to routine.

As you will see, this is a menu in which neither kcal nor portions are counted, since it is something that must be adapted to the needs, tastes and preferences of each family, so this represents a guide.

It is important to include vegetables at lunch and dinner, ideally in cooked and raw format and always better if they are in season.

Likewise, fruits should also be present in children's breakfasts and snacks, whether in their natural form, in yogurts or even frozen in a smoothie.

*Click to download and print the menu

As snacks or snacks, fruits, dairy products such as yogurt or cheese, nuts are ideal, and fanticaos , milk breads, or cake or muffin mixes to make at home can be added occasionally during the week, so the little ones They help us and also get involved in the cooking and feeding.

Marina Ribas.

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