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Article: All about the Impossible Diet


We tell you what our Impossible Diet consists of.

Today, May 6, is the International Day without diets... and it is curious, because the month of May is precisely the month of the year in which we see the most weight loss plans everywhere. The networks are beginning to overflow with content full of bikini surgery, miraculous diets, extreme fat loss... There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your health, but it doesn't hurt that a little bird flying, or rather an elephant, comes to remind you. that you can achieve it without becoming obsessed and without sacrificing the pleasures of life. With the IMPOSSIBLE DIET, what we also call “the NO DIET”, you can change your habits in a sustainable and healthy way for you.

Are you ready to start the first 21 days of your new life ? We tell you everything we will do this month to reach that version of yourself like you have never done before.

This is going to be a 360-degree Plan because we are going to deal with everything. We are going to talk to you about nutrition and meal plans as well as other important aspects that are directly related to food, such as sports . In addition, we have prepared some psychological tips that will help you understand the mind-food connection and prepare you better before the challenge. Shall we start?

  • The Nutritional Plan

In order to follow the NO DIET we have made a completely free 21-day Menu available to you. In each of them we will deal with weekly challenges. To give you an idea of ​​what you will see: the first few days we will begin to reduce ultra-processing and add movement. Other days we will introduce intermittent fasting and at other times we will focus on reducing inflammation. Oh, and don't worry about the menus being boring... we're going to fill your plate with color and new ideas. How does Nutripizza sound to you?

Alba Barbero ( @alba_barbero_ ), a Nutritionist and PNI renowned throughout Spain, is the professional who has designed the 21-day Plan to change habits and never have to diet again. She will be in charge of guiding you in this process and will teach us how it will benefit our body. For those of you who decide to buy the Nutritionist Pack (we tell you more about the packs below), we have prepared a private support group through Telegram . Here you can resolve all kinds of doubts that arise in this change in nutritional habits, or ask Alba directly about your personal condition, to be able to adapt the Plan according to your case.

In the IG Live presentation of the IMPOSSIBLE DIET, we had the opportunity to speak with other personalities from the world of health who contributed their two cents on very specific topics. Néstor Sánchez ( @nestorregenera ), researcher and reference in PNI, told us the benefits of digestive rest and fasting. Jota Low Carb ( @jotalowcarb ), a scientific popularizer who dismantled some myths about food, especially those related to fructose, also participated.

  • Training plans

Sport will go hand in hand with food. While you learn to eat well and see its benefits, you can also learn how physical activity is a complement to your diet. You will discover exercise routines that easily adapt to your daily life and help you get a taste for the sport if you are a beginner.

Here you will have to pay attention to our Instagram Lives that will be done twice a week. With Ariadna Coll ( @ariadna_coll ), Personal Trainer and PNI, you will learn to make the most of the IMPOSSIBLE DIET with professional training, from Tabata (HIIT) to metabolic and strength training. In the 21-day Free Plan we will leave you all the information on the days, times and material you need for each training session.

  • The icing on the cake: psychology

The management of emotions and the relationship that the mind has with food is another of the threads of this IMPOSSIBLE DIET.

During the live presentation we had the opportunity to learn about the personal experience of Sara Sánchez ( @lachicadelketo ), Influencer from the keto and low-carb world. Through her past experience with “miracle diets” and the ups and downs they have caused in her life, we discover how she has found the path that makes her happy, enjoying food.

Paying attention to how we feel is essential to know what eating habits we have and detect which of them are doing us harm or good. That's why we also invited the psychologist Nashma Brou ( @nashmabrou ) to the Instagram live, who revealed to us the 8 pillars to take into account before starting the challenge:

  1. Visualize your “future self”
  2. Manage stress with yoga or meditation
  3. Avoid psychological eating (don't use food as a reward)
  4. Deflect negative self-talk
  5. Exercise
  6. Journaling: keeping a diary will help you better manage emotions and control stress
  7. Reward yourself, celebrate every milestone.
  8. Get support from professionals
  • Complement the 21-day Plan with the Support Packs:

To get the most out of NO DIET, we recommend you get one of the Impossible Diet packs:

1. Product Pack: With it you will get a pack of essential products that will make your life much easier. Attention, the pack contains many NEW products that you are going to want to try no matter what. Some savory quiche-type cakes that are low in carbs and calories and some delicious desserts with fewer calories than yogurt. Spectacular! You can not lose this.

2. Nutritionist Pack: This is what gives you access to the Telegram group with Alba Barbero to resolve your nutritional questions throughout these three weeks. If you need information about supplementation, Alba can provide it to you through this private support group. You will also get a Recipe Book in eBook format where we explain in more detail the dishes that we propose in the Free Plan. You will have access to all the information so that your dishes are perfect: ingredients, cooking times, steps to follow and much more...

3. Complete Pack: If you are one of those who cannot be satisfied with a single pack, you have the possibility of taking the complete pack. This includes both the Product Pack and the Nutritional Pack.

When we start? What if I can't join now?

We start next Friday the 13th . Just as you hear it. Do not believe in superstitions, because this is going to be the beginning of the 21 days of your new life. Turn the tables! From then on we will be with the NO DIET challenge until June 2.

But if you want to start later, or these dates simply don't suit you, you have the option to change your life with our Plan at a time that suits you best. Get the 21-day Free Plan now and enjoy your best version. Are you up for the challenge?

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