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Article: A very healthy Sant Jordi

Marina Ribas

Dietista integrativa, maestra y divulgadora.
Especialista en patologías o trastornos autoinmunes, hormonales y digestivos.


On the 23rd of this month we celebrate Sant Jordi , book day. And the best way to celebrate is by sharing our favorite books on health and wellness with you. You no longer need to wait for a prince or princess to give you your rose and your book: grab some pencil paper and go ahead!

We have great disseminators in our country (and also outside of it) talking about such interesting topics as the microbiota, circadian rhythms, blood glucose or sharing their best recipes to make your daily life easier.

We share with you our favorite titles below so you can prepare for next weekend.

  • In the Kitchen with Dr. Arponen, by Dr. Sari Arponen: after his successful debut book It 's the microbiota, idiot ! , Sari Arpone is back with its new release that includes more than 80 perfect recipes to take care of your health and that of yours through food. Free of gluten, dairy and refined sugars to feed your microbiota and strengthen your immune system. Without a doubt, a must for lovers of healthy cuisine.
  • The manual of chronobiology and circadian rhythms, by Marc Romera: our collaborator in sports nutrition Marc Romera , published last year The Manual of Chronobiology and Circadian Rhythms, an essential text for those who want to understand a little better how our own biological clocks largely determine our state of health. In it, Marc Romera highlights aspects such as intermittent fasting, night rest, food intake schedule and the negative effects of blue light. One of our favorites.

  • survive, by Carlos Stro: If the topic of sunlight exposure, the regulation of circadian rhythms, and the ancestral ketogenic diet fascinate you, this book will not disappoint. Carlos Stro , reveals to us some of the best secrets to rebalance our bodies and return them to their wildest nature. It explains in a very educational and entertaining way the dangers of electromagnetic fields, the use of electronic devices and exposure to blue light at night. If what you are looking for is survive and not survive, is your book.

  • Easy keto cooking. My essential recipes, by Raquel Guerra: At Impossible we are in love with cooking - and keto cooking in particular - and on our shelves we could not miss the book by our beloved Raquel, known on social media as @raquel.keto With more than 230 thousand followers, he shares easy and delicious ideas suitable for low-carbohydrate diets every day. In her book you will find tasty options such as keto condensed milk, fake spinach gnocchi or spectacular donuts with chocolate frosting. Plus, the photos are beautiful and Raquel couldn't be more charming.

  • The glucose revolution by Jessie Inchauspé: Maybe the name Inchauspé doesn't mean anything to you, but you've probably seen his graphs on the impact of food on our glucose levels thousands of times on social media, right? She is @glucosegoddes and in his book The glucose revolution explains in a simple way what the risks of chronic high blood sugar are and how we can practically alleviate some of these problems through simple proposals such as including fiber when we eat carbohydrates, drinking apple cider vinegar before meals or taking a walk postprandial. A go-to book for people with insulin resistance, diabetes, PCOS, or anyone interested in any way in improving health through glucose control (everyone, really).

  • First sleep, then dream, by Néstor Sánchez: the new book by the physiotherapist, master in PNI and founder of Regenera, invites us to learn everything about a different topic within the world of health, sleep.Néstor tells us about the importance of rest and all the essential processes that occur during the night. But that's not all, in these pages , in addition to becoming an expert in good sleep, you will learn keys to interpret your dreams, and decode messages from the unconscious.

  • Pay attention to inflammation: Guide to combat chronic inflammation and improve your immune system, by Dr. Gabriela Pocoví: known on Instagram as @nutrigaby debuts in the publishing world with this book that is already a best seller on Amazon. In it, the dietician-nutritionist and medical doctor, Gabriela Pocoví, brings us closer to a topic that is increasingly on everyone's lips: inflammation. With this reading you will understand what is hidden behind chronic inflammation, how the immune system works, what its relationship is with diet and how to address some of the most common disorders such as allergies, intolerances, hormonal imbalances and autoimmune diseases. A book destined to become the bible of current medicine and nutrition. It's time to remedy the inflammation.

  • Keto diet: Reset your metabolism, free yourself from sugar and gain health forever, by Ari Grau: to finish, we could not miss the book by our co-founder Ari Grau, known on networks as @keto_aove . We are extremely excited about this book because it reflects many episodes of Ari's life, from his beginnings to achieving health through the application of the ketogenic diet. If you avoid excessively theoretical books, with convoluted information and only suitable for health professionals, this is undoubtedly your book. In it, Ari explains in a simple way what the keto diet is, what its benefits are and how he came to it after a period of great suffering in his life following the diagnosis of an eating disorder. A book that has served as a mirror for many of us. We greatly appreciate Ari's openness and courage to share details of her life on paper with her readers.
Sant Jordi has been full of news... It's your time to get all these books to live a healthier life!

I hope you liked it,

Marina Ribas.

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