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Disfrutar de una alimentación deliciosa y saludable

Tu Microbiota Intestinal: Estrés, Alimentación y Equilibrio Digestivo

Tu Microbiota Intestinal: Estrés, Alimentación y Equilibrio Digestivo

Descubre las causas de los problemas digestivos comunes como el SIBO y el síndrome del intestino irritable. Aprende cómo el estrés, la alimentación y el equilibrio microbiótico afectan tu salud dig...

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Controla tu glucosa, protege tu corazón

Control your glucose, protect your heart

Blood glucose control is essential for your heart. Cardiovascular health is a crucial aspect of our overall well-being. Heart disease represents one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide, an...

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sistema inmune y alergias

How to take care of our immune system?

The arrival of spring means joy, sun and good weather... but for many people this season means facing the dreaded allergies and spring asthenia for another year .  We notice allergies through sy...

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El azúcar y la pandemia de la diabetes

Sugar and the diabetes pandemic

With a global population involved that could conquer the entire European Union (England included), diabetes is the most relevant endocrine pathology in the world. And a true “pandemic” that continu...

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El veneno dulce

The sweet poison

Refined sugar in children's diet Consuming more than four pieces of ultra-processed foods a day is associated with a 62% increase in the risk of mortality. This is the data provided by the Briti...

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