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Article: Our favorite books


If you are here it is because you are interested in learning more about the world of ketogenic and Low Carb nutrition... Well, what we tell you today interests you more than ever!

When you want to start in the world of ketogenic eating, you often feel that you are missing a lot of information and that you don't know where to start. It is common to get into a mess and even start the house on the roof, so today we make it easy for you and recommend books that are fantastic to enter this world.

Here they go…


Ketogenic diet. The protocol for effective eating by Carlos Stro and Ricardo Stro

This self-published book would be the closest thing to the bible for lovers of the keto diet. For Carlos and Ricardo, the ketogenic diet is the original diet, a lifestyle. And so, they have questioned the status quo on health and nutrition as we have known it until now.

The keto diet of Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns

Another basic if you want to get started in the world of ketogenic eating is this book. A 21-day plan that will teach you how to reset your metabolism so you burn fat and keep it off.

Bread Brain by David Perlmutter

Did you know that gluten, sugar and carbohydrates destroy the brain? In this book, the renowned neurologist uncovers a topic that has been buried in medical literature for too long.

The obesity code by Jason Fung

Fung's book establishes a novel and solid theory on obesity. With it, you will learn numerous habits to improve your health and control your insulin levels, and use intermittent fasting to break the cycle of insulin resistance and achieve a healthy weight

The power of keto fasting Joseph Mercola

When fasting is applied strategically, intermittently and guided by a specialist, it is capable of promoting weight loss, preventing our insulin resistance and reducing our risk of suffering from diseases. In this guide, Mercola invites you to explore it.

Conscious fasting
 by Endika Montiel

With the approach of Montiel's book you will discover fasting as a way of eating that makes you aware of the functioning and needs of your body.

intermittent fasting by Carlos Pérez and Néstor Sánchez

In this book, the authors provide detailed information about intermittent fasting, from its benefits and scientific basis to step-by-step protocols, including menus and exercises. Gain health, energy and freedom by enhancing your body's natural resources.

The power of Arantxa Areta's ketobiotic diet

In this book Arantxa Areta, nutritional coach, develops the concept of ketobiotic nutrition, which she created herself and which is based on three pillars: ketosis, intermittent fasting and macrobiotic foods.

This is definitely our keto and low-carb library, what do you think? Which one catches your attention the most? Have you already read any of them?

If you still have one to read, you already know what to order for this Book Day (or for any day, since any occasion is good to read a good book and improve health habits).

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