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Article: Erythritol vs Sugar


The main benefit of ketogenic diets is that we keep blood glucose levels stable as a result of the decreased carbohydrate intake that defines the Keto lifestyle.

Thus, we know that among the foods that are not allowed in a ketogenic diet is sugar, one of the most important and also one of the most complicated to give up. Quite a challenge for many!

In our society, sugar consumption is exorbitant, we are hooked on it! In fact, on average, in our country we consume 71.5 grams of sugar per day... Of which, 42.4 grams come from intrinsic sugars and the other 33.9 grams come from so-called free or added sugars.

Today we talk about the latter.


White sugar, whole cane sugar, mascabo, panela, coconut sugar, agave syrup, honey... There are many sugars that we find on a daily basis. But there are also many sugars that we consume without being aware of it, these are the hidden sugars present especially in prepared foods or ultra-processed products.

Consuming this type of added sugar causes a rise in insulin without providing any type of nutritional benefit. And in addition, these variations in blood glucose and insulin levels also cause inflammation, oxidative damage, among others.

How can we reduce this excessive consumption? The secret is to reduce the consumption of ultra-processed foods and look for healthy alternatives. There are?


We present our alternative to you. This sweetener that is increasingly known to all of us has particularities that make it especially interesting. It is part of the group of polyalcohols of natural origin, its sweetness level is 70% compared to sugar, but without modifying or increasing blood glucose and insulin levels and it also contains 0 calories. It is also the sweetener that is best tolerated by the body, which makes it the TOP of all.

So TOP, it is the sweetener we use in our cakes, donuts, muffins and more, and like good Keto sweets, they are sugar-free! So that you can continue enjoying pleasure without guilt.

You already know, at Impossible Bakers we make the impossible possible.

Laia Puig, Dietitian

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