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Article: Summer essentials


Eating healthy should be understood as a lifestyle. This way, when summer arrives, your diet continues to be an ally and not a challenge. Having a good relationship with food is essential.

When we go on vacation, maintaining a healthy relationship with food becomes a long-distance race. Today we give you some tips to make your relationship with food during the holidays easier.

We will provide you with some ideas that serve many of us in the healthy , Keto, and Low-carb community. But, everyone can take it their own way. So, adapt the advice to what best suits you.

Let's start!

What do I choose in restaurants during the summer?

Choose quality fats and proteins. It is a dietary staple and a formula that will help you when you go to restaurants. There are always options on the menu that fit what you are looking for. Fish rich in fats and omega-3 , meats high in protein, cheeses , olives , tartar , guacamole, cockles ...

And don't forget to satisfy your emotional hunger. If you fancy a dessert, a glass of wine, or any other type of dish, go ahead. The thing is that you feel like you are choosing freely while taking care of your health.

What snacks do I take on vacation? Choose dried fruits.

In summer the most comfortable thing is to bring a snack that doesn't take up much space or weigh much.

Nuts are the most suitable option. They are foods rich in essential vitamins for our body and micronutrients, such as calcium, iron, omega-3 or fiber . Some will even surprise you because of their high protein content, such as almonds and peanuts.

There is a wide variety of nuts. If you want to discover the flavors and properties of all of them, we recommend that you try both the Classic Mix (with pecan, almond, hazelnut, Brazil nut) and the Exotic Mix (pistachio, coconut, walnuts and macadamia nuts). Do you know them all?

What do I drink at parties?

These months are a good time to celebrate, have parties and meet again with friends and family. Moments that are usually accompanied by sweets and cakes of the most traditional pastries: full of sugars and high in carbohydrates.

Although there is no problem in consuming these products from time to time, it is a good opportunity to introduce healthier options. For example, discovering an alternative to sugars with low-carbohydrate pastries and no added sugars . You will surely be fascinated by the Impossible Bakers cakes. Especially the freshest version of our cakes. There are flavors to please the entire troop: coconut, strawberry, passion fruit and lemon flavor.

And if what you are going to witness is a salty snack , you can opt for Carrot , Zucchini or Blueberry Chips. You can also add other savory delicacies such as Cheese Rolls and Nut Mix . You're going to rock it!

Too many binges? Revive your microbiota.

Now, when you return from vacation it is common to feel strange in your stomach. We have eaten foods that the body is not completely accustomed to. It is normal for discomfort to occur.

As you return to your daily life, you will notice it. Although you can always support yourself with natural products such as Kombucha, a fermented drink that revives your microbiota after meals away from home . They come in many flavors. We have started with the Hibiscus & Berries , Lemon and Ginger and the Green Tea ones .

Another mechanism that produces an effect similar to that of Kombucha is intermittent fasting . It is a way to give your stomach a digestive break. How does it work? Very simple. You must allow at least 12 hours to pass between dinner and breakfast . If you are new to this topic, it is always recommended to start with 12 hours, which is the minimum fasting time. Later you can add hours.

When you want to break your fast, preferably by eating healthy fats. and not carbs, so you avoid a rise in blood sugar. This way you will notice sustained energy, instead of energy spikes.

The important thing in summer is that you continue doing what you were already doing with your diet. Vacations are about enjoying food, moments and company.

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